Updates ~

Wow~ it’s been one month plus since I last updated this space. This one month plus has been indescribably awesome with many many things happening ! Had my exam and last assignment handed in and then it was vacation! I checked myself in to church office almost every Thursday and Friday to do work for the King 🙂

A few changes had taken place I guess and it’s been exciting

1) Love the time at Family church camp were I was able to interact more with people and also receive so much of His love and His revelation for my life and ministries. He is just so good!

2) I have decided to serve in the youth again after running away for 3 years, but His grace is more than enough for me and am learning how to serve under submission of my youth pastor and the sheps. Loving this journey so much and loving the girls I am watching over 🙂

3) Been teaching 2 kids who are from my sunday school at their home almost weekly and it’s interesting to know how hungry they are for God and that they are learning to be bold and courageous to pray at the age of 6 and 8 years old. wow amazed!

4) There are 20++ sign ups out of 150 for my school research and it’s so awesome!!

5) Working out some insecurities which can be very sucky at times, but I think I can do it! 🙂

Well, I am like rambling stuffs which are all over the place. Hopefully I will be hardworking enough to update here more often!






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