More than enough

Late at night before I went to sleep, I felt rejected for some reasons. I was so sad that I cried myself to sleep, however I had this awesome dream that really made me realised even when the whole world rejects me, Jesus is still there for me. So here it goes…

I was in this place with my other friends and I was cleaning the place. My friends decided to leave without me for some outing which I knew where the place was. After much consideration, I decided to pop by secretly. I was then assigned to another group to embark on the outing place. When we were at the outing place (I know this sounds very weird), we knelt down and worship God and infront of us were a group of white figures(I think angels?) Suddenly, a white tall figure man carried me and sat me down somewhere where no one could see and he spoke with me for a while (which i cant remember the content). He then made appointment with me to meet him again. And so the next time that I met up with him, someone tried to disturb, but the man scolded the person to not disturb me.

I believe with all my heart that this man in my dream was Jesus. He carried me and talk with me, reminding me that when all else fades, He still remains and He still walk beside me. And as I woke up this morning, this song was in my head “Enough” – Chris Tomlin. Go and listen and be blessed 🙂


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2 Responses to More than enough

  1. jia en says:

    what a cool dream!! 😀 and hugggs to you, xinxin! don’t emonemo. you’re loved! (:

  2. vinacxx says:

    aww thanks en en! just some insecurities that appear once in a while haha but i know that im loved 🙂

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